LET THE Well-Travelled BABYROBOT be your guide to the world!



So you’re here, and you’re alive, welcome!

What more do you want to know kid? I’m only kidding about the kid: we’re all kids – we’re all growing, learning, developing beyond our mechanicalness – beyond the BABYROBOT part of ourselves – so what is it that you want to know?

What key skills do you want to develop? Technical skills or people-skills? So-called hard-skills or soft-skills?

What is it that you wish you’d learned or been taught?

Whatever it is, #teamBRDN – the Babyrobot Development Network – are here to help you.

We are daring to present in this new age, a complete expozay of the way things REALLY ARE: All the way from the worlds of ABSOLUTE TRUTH, SPIRIT (SOUND) and SOUL (exactly true to the essence of the teachings of MasterPath and its current living sat guru: Sri Gary Olsen to whom all my gratitude for inspiring the creation of and BabyRobot.NET projects is eternally given), through the relative laws of the created worlds (energy, fields, matter, anti-matter, space-time) right down to the inner workings of the mind, the ego and personality and how they influence human and animal behaviour.

We hope to hear your opinion, and trust that you will let us know in helping to make these BRG guides become everything that you want, need and desire to know.

with love and respect,

– #teamBRDN
– #zero (Founder member, not the dog Zero  – as in the Zero Parable: from Soul’s Divine Journey )


  1. The BabyRobot Present Understanding of the SOUND (SPIRIT/SHABDA): TEABOAL: the Essence and Basics of All Life
  2. The BRG to the Multi-Dimensional OUTER SCIENCES – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and their Applications (Engineering) – including all computer-theory and application
  3. The BRG to Object, Resource and Information – Organization and Management – including how the BRG’s are organized
  4. The BRG to LANGUAGE, Linguistics, Literature and Communication – including how language is used within the BRG series
  5. The BRG to the INNER PSYCHOLOGY of the MIND and SOUL: LOGIC and SPIRIT and the SCIENCES OF THE INNER WORLDS – how BabyRobots would Interpret Emotions etc – all explained ITO – in terms of what precedes in the first 4 BRGs
  6. The BRG to the Human Body, HEALTH, Nutrition and Medicine – Western and Alternative – being a balance of Inner Science and Outer Science
  7. The BRG to the Inter-relations of FAMILY, FRIENDS and SOCIAL GROUPINGS – including the dynamics of social structures such as marriage and partnering, communities, and on-line interactions
  8. The BRG to Human-Love and Intimate-Human-RELATIONSHIPs
  9. The BRG to Modern MONEY, from Personal bartering to International-Trade, Finance, Big-Business and the Laws and Politics Behind Them – not possible to enter
  10. #teamBRDN Observations on Different Types of HUMAN Characters, Personality and BEHAVIOUR – The Good, the bad and the Ugly sides
  11. the BRG to DRUGS and Mind-Altering Substances – including the effects of all naturally produced substances on Human Character and Behaviour
  12. The BRG to the LIGHT PATHS of the World – including RELIGION, PHILOSOPHY and METAPHYSICS (observing, identifying but not judging)
  13. The BRG to HUMAN HISTORICAL EVENTS: Past and Present Politics, Peace, War and Economic Structures
  14. The BRG to Modern CORPORATE LIFE – Past and Present: Who does well in the workplace and why? How did companies develop their current shape? What drivers drive a company forward?
  15. The BRG to the NON-VERBAL ARTS: Music, Painting, Photography, Dance – (which can be appreciated without language-translation)
  16. The BRG to the VERBAL ARTS: music with words, opera, theatre, films – (best appreciated when translated into a language one knows)
  17. The BRG to PHYSICAL SPORTS and Other Physical Arts – any activity requiring strength, co-ordination, agility, speed etc.
  18. THE BRG to MENTAL SPORTS, Primarily Mental Games, and Game Theory including cards, All Computer GAMING
  19. THE BRG to the INTERNET and the SOCIAL NETWORKING Universe

…and finally…The BRG to Everything Else!!! (ask us – we’re here to help)

The BRG Series is sequenced in CONCENTRIC CIRCLE ORDER – meaning each BRG builds on the ones that came before it – like climbing a mountain of spinning rings one inside the other – the order is important – but in life, of course, the order doesn’t matter! We have all…the time…in the world!

– #teamBRDN

Always at your service, working to help U DU: Deepen Understanding!


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