BRG 5: Sound, and the INNER SCIENCE of Mind and Soul

True Spirit being the sound – as taught in MasterPath – The Light and Sound Teachings.

This section does not attempt to replicate the teachings of MasterPath, but rather to capture the collective understanding of #teamBRDN, of what The Essence of the teachings of the light and Sound represent for us, to the best of our current understanding.

All’s a vibe – only the vibe survives

Sound is the primordial essence which creates all form and formless-form – shapes, structures, fields, vibrations, gravity, light and particles.

Stable structures in geometry are those that don’t fall over – similar analogies could be used to ¬†explain mental and emotional stability.

Fierce, fierce, fierce focus is needed to activate any of these higher frequency fields – sound is The Sweetest Tweet – the highest, finest, most refined frequencies of human consciousness.


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