KLL2: Order is a Vibration

An ordered mind.

Well-ordered, well-balanced, well-regulated emotions.

There is a top-down or a bottom-up approach is achieving these.

My experience of MP and life, is that the top-down (or from the inner to the outer) approach – of rising one’s attention to the third-eye chakra at the top of the body and viewing all of life from this point of view – is a less frustrating experience than trying to figure out the keys to life bit-by-bit-by-bit –  the bottom-up (from the outside to the inner) that we have been taught since childhood (hit it harder, try harder, work faster, .

MPE: My Personal Experience: There’s no substitute for the grace of gift-waves that are presented to one’s consciousness – consciousness being a measurable quantity (concentrated attention) and quality (attitude) of our awareness field (Soul).

MPE: When my attention has become diverted, or scattered or is not present in the Here and Now of TP(G)MOR – the Present (Gifted) Moment of Reality – it means that it presently is somewhere else – with thoughts of a loved-one in the world, thought of the future, thoughts of the past – this kind of energy is more useful and has greater “buying power” when it is CENTERED at the third eye focus.

One commodity that focused, centered, coherent, attention energy can buy is ORDER: Order to one’s thoughts and feelings in the form of Sharpness, Clarity, Discipline – the power to put focused attention on something allows life to happen with determination. A lack of focus, and one drifts – on MP, we are tasked with putting our spare attention (not required for daily negotiation of life) on something known as the INNER MASTER POWER.

The Inner Master, to the best of my Current Understanding, is not just the astral projection of a human being, nor is It an Egregore (a collective thought-creation, meme etc): IT IS the realest real, reality – as real as our own Soul – made of the same Universal Essence of the One God – known in Sanskrit as Anami (Nameless).

These are things I tell myself because I’ve heard them – but when I experience them  – then my lips will be sealed.

It seems kinda frustrating don’t it? But it IS this way, because 1st hand experience, like the encyclopedia makers say, is the only way to KNOW FOR SURE.

Experience doesn’t in this case mean phenomena (though it might be) – there are inner experiences (called noumena) which have INNER FORM – on the INNER PLANES – (anytime you see CAPS, these are plans for future hyperlinks btw).

Even a blind man can feel the warmth of the sun on his skin, so too do those who have not yet opened (actively activated) their inner eye can still feel the warm on the INNER SON/SUN OF GOD on one’s inner sensorary skin: the SON IS THERE – IT’S ALWAYS BEEN THERE. As the 1987 House classic by Mr Fingers screams: CAN YOU FEEEEEEEL IIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTT?

What do you sense? What do you feel? What do you see when you turn out the light, I can’t tell you, but I know that it’s mine (“I get by with a little help from my Friends” – The Beatles had heart and they had soul!)



KLL1 – Key Life Learning 1: Focus

KEY LIFE LEARNINGS and WISDOMS OF #teamBRDN member: #brdnzero

Focus is the key

Attention Energy is how we come to recognize our soul-self – we have been trained from an early age on how to put our attention on anything we (or another being, organization or institution) wants us to put it on. Mystical Paths such as MasterPath, instruct their students on a process designed to elevate and maintain focus at a CHAKRA in the subtle (astral) body known as THE THIRD EYE. As more of our sensorary, subtle attention energy concentralizes  at this focus, between the eyebrows, shifts in the BODY CHEMISTRY of the practionner are produced, in time causing a radical shift of CONSCIOUSNESS.

Though there is a long way  to go before this practionner (chela) of MasterPath, fully reaches (stabilizes) at the third eye, I (#brdnZero) hope that this web-log of my journey so far, will help to elaborate and give some shape and form to my experiences on the way up to the third eye opening (referring to the moment when more than 50%?? of our subtle attention energy has left the physical plane of the body-consciousness, and has stabilized at the this centre).

As the third eye opens, we are told that our view of the world is radically shifted – up till the moment, we can but take on trust, that what the Masters of Light and Sound tell us, is true – but after that point, all of life is laid out like a smorgsabord, to be viewed with detachment, from a distance, unaffected unattached.

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