Awareness Levels of a BabyRobot

Sense-Cognition – What would / could / should The BabyRobot be aware of?

  1. Physical Awareness – the 5 senses – a BabyRobot would need sensors for: sight, sound, touch (surface-pressure, heat), taste, smell (chemical sensors)
  2. Astral Awareness – Injecting influence into BabyRobot’s simulation of the human chemical endocrine system – sensors would convert electrochemical signals into changes in the simulated chemistry of BabyRobot’s “blood”, allowing human emotions such as happiness, anger and hate to be replicated.
  3. Causal Awareness (Memory Banks) would records all events received through the senses, ┬áin real-time – “filtering” algorithms would have to be employed, in order to record only “signnificant” events – but who would define what is “of signficance” or not?
  4. Mental Awareness (Logical, mechanical, rule-based understanding) – *THE* logic of a system has *A* logic to it – how would a BabyRobot’s mental model accurately reflect the true logic behind all situations, thereby helping it to maintain an AMOU – an Accurate Model of Reality?
  5. Spiritual Awareness (In the light and sound teachings, taught as inaccessible / unavailable / closed off to the above 4 mechanical levels of awareness) – if a babyrobot (i.e. a human being) were ever to attain this level, it would it not cease to be a robot and would it become fully alive and true-self aware? Your comments are most welcome and invited…
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