BRG 10: Human Character

What kind of person are YOU?

Observations on Different Types of Characters and Personality

Objective observations, inasmuchas is possible – bearing in mind the #teamBRDN philosophy of no a priori assumptions – where nothing is taken as true until directly observed.

But how can we make observations of others’ characters objectively?

What is it to be a GOOD JUDGE OF CHARACTER?

There’s an adage in The Light and Sound Teachings that says: “we can only really see our own consciousness, never another’s” – so in BEING BABYROBOT – as a state of mind and consciousness, what would we see?

What kind of motives drive people to do things?

What intentions, ambitions, dreams, aspirations, desires, wants, needs and energies fuel and drives human beings?

What’s considered good and noble?

What’s considered mean-spirited and ignoble, bad, ugly or evil? – is this anything to do with taste and judgement or is there a higher ruling standard of ETHICS governing each and every aspect of human behaviour…

  • …in love and physical relationships?
  • ….in business, trade, industry and finance
  • …in politics
  • …in corporate-life – employee-employer relationships
  • …in friendships
  • …in family – what’s the obligation of a parent to a child, and a child to its parents?

We explore what shapes the kinds of people present in the world today and what we can expect to encounter in human life: for example:

people who dominate others

considerate people

bossy people

loud people

quiet people

soft people

hard people

driven people

ambitious people

cunning people

wily people

trusting people

trustworthy people

scheming people

honest people

salt-of-the-earth types

sincere people

genuine people

kind people

caring people

vicious people

ruthless people

effective people

lazy people

hard-working people

clever people

smart people

business-savvy people

shrewd people

generous people

self-centered people

compassionate people

selfish people

suspicious people

helpful people

cold people

warm people

callous people

devoted people

loving people

gullible people

cynical people

ALL OF HUMAN LIFE LAID OUT LIKE A SMORGASBORD for you to pick and choose – which kind of people – are you?


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