BRG 1: TEABOL: The Essence and Basics of Life

This is the first chapter and overview of the BABYROBOT approach to life – not telling – just sharing – personal and group experiences.

If you haven’t seen it already, please start with THE BRG TABLE OF CONTENTS where we set the scene and create the context for the whole  BRG (BABYROBOT GUIDES) series   :-) thanks.

Chapter 1 – TEABOL – INTRODUCTION – The Essence and Basics of Life

What is Life?

Life as defined by science? Human-life, or just plain old existence: what is, what was, and whatsoever shall be?

When humans speak of life, they often are referring to their own individual experience of life in particular.

BRG’s take a much more objective over-arching view that life is: anything that IS – whether existing with physical or energetic presence in one of the manifested dimensions, or as a concept or thought form, or work of fiction describing a reality on the mental plane (the World of Ideas, as Plato called it.)

Life plain and simple: in its rawest, purest essence


All the interactions of atoms and people and plants and animals and things

All the interactions of planets and galaxies, weak-nuclear, strong-nuclear, electromagnetic and gravitional fields – all of these things really exist – or do they? Or do we live in some giant Hive-Mind?

Is there a world of the unseen (in Latin, literally the Occult) that deals with the worlds we cannot detect?

Are there parallel dimensions? Alternative reality timestreams?

Is there life on other planets / other planes / other dimensions?

All of this we seek to answer within the pages of these BRG’s to the Essence Life.

Thanks for reading to here – more CHAPTERS / VOLUMES to follow soon:


…Many more planned! – All suggestions are welcomed – Read about and message us #teamBRDN via twitter @TheBabyRobot or as a comment to any of our posts.

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