BRG 9: MONEY, Trade, Law

Modern MONEY, Trade, Finance, Politics and the Law

keywords: MONEY, Trade, Finance, Politics, Economics,  Law

Almost all of human life is trade  – whether work or relationships, friendships or sports, humans trade with other humans.

They trade their time, their money, their possessions, their skills, their talents, their art, their music, their athletic abilities – all is trade in the world of human trans- and inter-actions.

Modern money systems are simply a mentally created notional-reality to ‘keep count’ of trade-value, allowing humans to live their lives in an ordered, structured way without resorting to conflict.

Fair-trade involves no threat – but almost all trade in almost every area of human life involves one person asserting their will over the other – simple example: the employer and employee discussing salary – what determines how much the employee will ultimately by paid?

His or her market value – determined by supply-and-demand?

Everything is commodity.

If you can find an identical person to perform the same task to a similar quality, in a similar amount of time, then the two people are considered by most employers as an equal-value commodity – this can result in stress, and dehumanization of people, as they become viewed as nothing but resources – in order to counter this, if each employee is made fully aware and helped to develop their skill sets to the maximum ability, this is a more loving, sustainable, wholesome approach to employment in a free market economy.

For BRG tips on corporate employment and workplace dynamics in particular, please see BRG14: Corporate Life


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