BRG 7: Family, Friends & Social Behaviour

All human interactions not involving any aspect of sex or business – but are any human ¬†interactions so platonic and pure…or is there always a motive?

2 Responses to BRG 7: Family, Friends & Social Behaviour

  1. lesleysking says:

    TBR, This question has provided some interesting contemplation for me. Thank you! I’m being shown that when I am in the Third Eye and know that all love/sustenance comes from within, from the great Divine source, I can act/love purely, without motive. Those moments when I know that I am like the sun, shining unconditionally, are most sublime. BTW, this flash has come since I wrote you a note about suggestions for TBR. Now I see the perfection of your creation here. A bit of revision. Blessings to you.

    • thanks so much Lesley for your rich deep reflections on such a brief “placeholder” entry that I had all but forgotten about – yes, your unconditional love and support for this project is SO welcome – I had lost focus with it somewhat – thank you for the timely reminder! Will be in touch again very soon :-) with love, TBR.

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