Ask the BabyRobot…

Many “ask me a question” services are out there now, from to Yahoo Answers and Wiki Answers –

#teamBRN provide both a formsprng and comment-response facility for you to get your questions to us.

Our Formspring is on:

In all of our responses, we shall try to put our “babyrobot” hat on:.

To re-iterate: THE BABYROBOT APPROACH is to provide the SIMPLEST, shortest response that adequately addresses (the essence of)  (all the aspects of) any given question…or promotes the questioner to take further investigate action for themselves.

Alternatively, instead of  using Formspring, please feel free to ask your questions in the form of comments to THE STICKY POST (Welcome), and we will do our best to respond in a satisfactory way, with the ultimate intention of producing and growing the BRDN Knowledge-Net and Knowledge-Bases.




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