(Sorted alphabetically by Acronym):

  1. K4W: Keep for When
  2. CAU: Carefully Assembled Understandings
  3. R2K: Reason to Keep
  4. SAF: Simulated Awareness Field
  5. SBP: Sorted By Purpose
  6. TROP: True Reason or Purpose

Reference: List of Acronyms

  1. #teamBRDN – twitter hashtag for indentifying any topic related to BabyRobot.Net or getting the attention of its development team on Twitter
  2. BRDN – BabyRobot.NET or the BabyRobot Developer Network
  3. PCC – Preconditioned Consciousness
  4. SAF – Simulated Awareness Field
  5. UCC – Unconditioned Consciousness


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