BRG 11: Brain Chemistry and Drugs

GUIDE 7 – Electrochemistry of the Mind and Brain and how Substances Affect It

Why do people take drugs?

Anything to make the pain of this world lessen? What is pain? Is pain for you the same for me?

What is pain, anguish and suffering? Why do we feel like we do?

In this guide, The BabyRobot offers its insights and collective experiences on what drugs do what, to who, how, and why?

We explore the biochemistry, the chemistry, the physics, and the metaphysics of what drugs do to human bodies, and what experiences they open up.

Much of this will be hearsay – #teamBRDN haven’t tried it all, but thankfully there’s the internet these days, with a LOT of inquisitive and adventurous people around.

So let’s jump right in with the first link from an experimenter with one of the world’s most illicit substances – DMT:


sometimes known as The Spirit Molecule or as this blogger puts it: The Jesus Drug: known to produce the strongest hallucinations known to man – including encounters with alien beings…

What does DMT do to human brains, and how is it doing it? – It’s surprisingly common in nature and the body, originally discovered to be  a component of ancient shamanic hallucinogens such as Ayuwescha, but recent serious scientific researchers have injected it directly into the bloodstream, invariably producing mind-boggling experiences in all participants of these researchers.

While it’s available, please take a moment to watch the following film trailer for the film DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Personally I neither condemn nor promote drug usage – I believe people should be free to imbibe of whatever they wish as long as they are made aware of any potential risks to their mental and physical health,  then make informed-decisions as responsible adults, but conceptually, I believe that anything that does expand one’s experience of Consciousness and Life is a GOOD THING!

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