Welcome to The BabyRobot BLOG

The Baby Robot blog – theBabyRobot.com is owned and maintained by #TeamBRDN – the founders of BabyRobot.NET.

Please visit BabyRobot.NET for the foundational background to the BabyRobot Project, or simply subscribe to this RSS FEED for regular future updates.

Who or What is the BabyRobot? – a brief flythrough on Prezi – explains in graphical form the “connectionship” between BabyRobot.NET and theBabyRobot.com – and is also available on our Tumblog – theBabyRobot.TUMBLR.com.

You can also follow us on TWITTER @TheBabyRobot or use hashtag #TeamBRDN to comment or search on anything BabyRobot.

Thank you!

– #TeamBRDN


About TheBabyRobot.COM
AI Researcher - http://TheBabyRobot.wordpress.com - Official Gravatar for the www.BabyRobot.NET Project Development Team - twitter hashtag #teamBRDN

One Response to Welcome to The BabyRobot BLOG

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