BabyRobot and the Light and Sound Teachings

The spiritual beliefs and practices of the creator of BabyRobot.Net and TheBabyRobotmcom have been influenced by many systems of thought to which he was exposed during the growing-up process, but are most of all in line with and indebted to the teachings of the Sat Guru Sri Gary Olsen, known as MasterPath – Soul’s Divine Journey.

It is my personal experience that levels of consciousness can be transferred from a genuine bona fide sat guru into the very Soul of another student – rather like only a lit-match can light another match, so too are genuine sat-gurus ignited carriers of the fiery spirit of Life itself.

I therefore dedicate this section of The BabyRobot Blog to discussing the impact of the MasterPath, The Light and Sound Teachings, on my daily life, which I do my best to try to live in a conscientious, spiritual manner, within the context of the five-planes (physical, astral, causal, mental and Soul) model of reality.

Feel free to ask and post comments, which I shall do my best to respond to.

with love,

The creator of

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